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"I was extremeley pleased with the professional way my case was handled, which resulted with the case being dismissed.  You fought hard for me; and throughout my case, I knew I was in the most competent hands.  Thank you!"  Case reference 270002

"I was scared to death about this and you folks really helped me out.  I want you to know the letter you folks sent me was a God-send"  Case reference 280029

"I recently was an unlucky individual who was arrested for a DUI, which was a very frightening experience.  One of the most imprtant decisions I made was to hire The Caine Law Firm to represent me through the whole process.  I looked in the Yellow Pages and was stunned to find thousands of lawyers listed.  I was faced with the tough decision of how to find a law firm that was going to protect my best interests.  I considered two main factors in the hiring of The Caine Law Firm: would they be able to keep me out of jail? and would they protect my driver's license privilege? The Caine Law firm was able to accoplish both.  I felt very at ease from my very first meeting.  From the beginning to the end, The Caine Law Firm as able to represent me and handle all matters that pertained to court and the DMV Hearing.  The results they provided me, are what I consider priceless.  Your total dedication and geat service in my defense is well appreciated.  If you ever need me to share my experience about your law firm with anyone, please feel free to contact me at any time."  Case reference 280043 

"Thank you so much for your help in my case that you took care of.  That was so much stress for me and I am so thankful to have it taken care of.  You're truly a wonderful person"  Case reference 260027

"I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am to you for defending me.  You had faith in me from the very beginning.  I do not believe it was a coincidence that you became my attorney.  I believe God knew you were the best person for myself, my family, and my case.  He put you in that special place in my life just at the right time.  I want you to know that I always believed in you.  I knew in my heart that you would do your very best to defend me.  You handled my case in and out of court with class, dignity, and respect.  I take great pride in knowing you.  I was so proud to be sitting between you and your associate when the verdict was read. I can not think of two better men to have been sitting between at the time.  You truly are a wonderful man.  I also want to thank you for how well you treated my family.  You were kind and gracious to my family while I was in custody.  I can tell you that they have a deep appreciation for you.  It is meant to be that you are an attorney.  God blessed you with this amazing gift to help others.  To defend the innocent and give hope to people that need it the most.  I am so thankful to have met you.  I wish you continued success and happiness."  Case reference 24375

​"Thank you for your handling of my 12 year plus bench warrant case. I am VERY satisfied that your firm was able to get my case dismissed and all charges dropped. I also liked being informed of the progress during the case.  Again thanks for everything."  Case reference 2012000 

​"The Caine Law firm really helped me get through a serious time in my life. As soon as I contacted them they treated me like family and took all the stress off my back. They helped me in court when I was facing serious charges against me. They were able to resolve the issue for me and most important I didn’t have to face no jail time. And for that I am very thankful. Now I can continue to live my life stress free with my family. Thank you Caine Law Firm and staff"  Case reference 2012100

​"When I hired The Caine Law Firm, I felt confident in their abilities to take care of my case.  I felt respected and important to them, and they were very honest when communicating with me about the status of my case.  They thoroughly investigated my case, and assured me they would fight it to the fullest, which they did, resulting in a complete dismissal of all my charges.  I am thankful I trusted them.  My money was well spent and I’m happy to be home with my family."  Case reference 2012211

​"Grandma and I want to thank you so much for being there as an attorney and a friend during the case for [client] We appreciate your effort from the beginning to the end.  You have been a great comfort for Grandma and I.  You are a special person with a humble heart to do everything possible for [client] and all your clients.  Thank you.  God bless you and your staff."  Case reference 2011135

​"The Caine Law Firm has gone above and beyond in helping me with my case.  They were not only kind and caring, but professional and experts at what they do.  They were able to reduce my charges to where I received the best possible outcome.  A few years after my case was resolved I needed additional help with documents and proof that I had finished what the court required me to do.  They immediately made an appointment for me, and helped me once again with professionalism and kindness.  I am very grateful!" Case reference 2010039

​"I just want to say Thank you for everything you did for me, none of this would have been possible without your dedication and support.  Thank you so much for everything Chris, you really helped make this possible" Case reference 2011279

​"Very good experienced lawyers helped me a lot and worked with me as well.  Will recommend them to people I know." Case reference 2012291

​"The Caine Law Firm I would definitely recommend to anyone.  Trust, loyalty, and honesty in every aspect.  I am very grateful for the outcome"  Case reference 2012329

​"The Caine office was very helpful.  They worked with us in a time of hardship."  Case reference 2012350

​"The Caine Law Firm has very good and reliable lawyers.  Our experience with Gary Caine went very smoothly and the end result was very pleasing to both myself and the defendants.  I would absolutely recommend this law firm to anyone and everybody! :)"  Case reference 2013107

​"I came to The Caine Law firm not knowing what might happen with my [felony] gun charge.  As I started talking to the lawyers, they informed me: with my past and what I was being charged with that there shouldn't be a problem getting me no jail time, and when all was said and done, I got no jail time and only probation and a misdemeanor.  I was so relieved with the outcome, plus they were confident the whole time.  Thanks for everything."  Case reference 2012141

​"From the beginning, Mr. Caine was eager, knowledgeable and conscientious. From our first conversation I felt that I was in the hands of someone extremely competent and committed to protecting my best interests.  Gary was determined to get my case dismissed which, much to my surprise, he was able to do. Through the proceedings he was very communicative and explained everything to me in meticulous detail, and was always very quick in returning my calls. I feel confident in saying that it was only due to his thoroughness and determination that my case was completely thrown out. The whole process was much less stressful knowing that I was being represented by such a committed lawyer. I cannot recommend Mr. Caine enough to anyone that might need legal help."  Case reference 2012267

​"I was very stressed out for a long time before retaining your office, and you were the only people that were able to handle and resolve my case.  Thanks for handling my case in a fast and expedient manner.   Everyone at your firm was very friendly and professional, and I felt like you guys cared about me.  I'll be recommending you to anyone I know who has legal problems"  Case reference 2012196

​"A blessing - Thank you for all your help and time for showing compassion to our family.  Thank you guys very much."  Case reference 2012350

​"Very helpful, we felt very confident in the work that was done in this law firm.  Very caring, very supportive.  We just feel the Lord put this law firm in our hands: we had gotten so many letters from other firms, but for some reason we choose this one.  We are very grateful to have come here and got the help and support that we got.  We could not have done it without you.  We will definitely recommend people here.  God Bless."  Case reference 2013030

​"Everyone was knowledgeable and friendly in the office.  They explained everything in detail what I need to get back on track.  I would recommend them to family and friends."  Case reference 2013123

​"In my opinion, this has been the best experience I've had with Lawyers.  They were kind and seemed to really care about my well being."  Case reference 2012289

​"Very prompt, so helpful with payments and price.  Very helpful, help out to avoid jail time and drop felonies to a misdemeanor."  Case reference 2013141

​"Thank you, thank you so much for helping me in the trouble I was in.  I was completely dumbfounded, surprised, and grateful when I signed the deal.  God is real sir, and I'm glad you helped me and my family out."  Case reference 2013050

​"Gary Caine is a good lawyer and trustworthy.  I would recommend him to anyone seeking a lawyer who will fight and represent them professionally."  Case reference 2014002

​"I am extremely pleased with the experience I had working with Mr. Christopher Caine and the support staff at his Firm.  I had an unfortunate incident and God was so great to provide me with an excellent lawyer.  Mr. Caine is very knowledgeable and thorough and always provided thorough, understadable explanations to my questions or concerns and he made it easy to discuss any issue I had no matter the time.  In court, I observed that Mr. Caine's wealth of knowledge and depth of experience was highly respected and inured to my overall benefit.  I believe that his presentation on my behalf was viewed as right on point and I am pleased with the overall result.  I would recommend anyone to him, he is just absolutely excellent."  Case reference 2013282

​"I wanna thank The Caine Law Firm on how fast it went on my first court date.  I was scared, but my lawyer was great and I honestly didn't think he was gonna get me out of it, but I was wrong, case dismissed.  Thanks again the Caine Law Firm."  Case reference 2014027

​"I feel very satisfied because Gary is a very good attorney.  He was able to resolve my case fast and obtained great results."  Case reference 2014062

​"We are very grateful for how fast and patient this law firm was to us.  Our family was amazed at how caring and considerate they were to us in our time of worry.  We definitely recommend The Caine Law Firm and are grateful for their help."  Case reference 2014068

​"The Caine Law Firm saved my life.  Gary was truly a blessing to my horrible situation.  He was calm and confident which made me feel like I was in great hands.  He kept me well informed throughout my entire case and was available whenever I needed him.  One thing that I appreciated the most about Gary is that he was always honest with me.  He told me every outcome of my situation but at the same time assured me that he would do his best to get me the best outcome.  Gary is sincerely a great man and lawyer and I recommend his services 100%."  Case reference 2014094

​"I called The Caine Law Firm upon being arrested for suspicion of DUI.  While awaiting court, I was unforunately arrested a second time and needed to retain an attorney for that case as well.  I was connected with Gary on my first court and I felt reasonably comfortable my case was in good hands.  Unlike my previous experience with another DUI attorney, Gary was well spoken, which was really important to me since I trusted he could eloquently convy my feelings/testimony at trial.  Throughout my nerve wracking wait for court, Gary assured me things would be taken care of and that he would work to get me the best result possible.  I did not expect to avoid jail time but Gary was able to negotiate it as part of my deal.  This was a huge relief and I felt at the conclusion of my case that I could start to move on within days and not months or years like I would have expected had I not hired a private attorney.  I would absolutely recommend Gary to anyone facing future court dates."  Case reference 2014123

​"I am extremely happy with choosing The Caine Law Firm.  I feel I made a good choice.  Everyone is very caring to the situation."  Case reference 2014126

​"Got the best possible settlement.  Very satisfied.  Would recommend to anyone."  Case reference 2014149

​"We are now very proud and happy! Our family was always informed about what was going on with the case" Case reference 2014115

​"I feel very pleased with the personal service that Gary provided me.  He always reassured me of my case and of my well being.  I am very satisfied and thankful of the personal service he provided in representing The Caine Law Firm.  I recommend The Caine Law Firm!."  Case reference 2014133

​"We are very happy with all the help we have recieved from this law firm.  You also have some wonderful, polite and helpful secretaries.  If we ever need you again, we will be back in your office.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you so very much!."  Case reference 2014134

​"The Caine Law Firm really helped me on my case to be dismissed, they really know wht there doing and will help as much as needed.  I can recommend them to anyone out there looking for a lawyer." Case reference 2014082.

​"Gary was very knowledgeable and fought for me.  Made me feel comfortable and kept me informed of all that was going on with my case.  All in all very positive experience." Case reference 2014166.

​"The Caine Law Firm was very helpful, there for me in my toughest time.  I also recommend them to everybody who needs help with criminal case.  Any other option would be a waste of money." Case reference 2014167.

​"Great service and a positive outcome!!" Case reference 2014137.

​"The Caine Law Firm really helped me on my case to be dismissed, they really know what there doing and will help as much as needed.  I can recommend them to anyone out there looking for a lawyer." Case reference 2014082.

​"Thank you for helping my brother with his criminal case.  We were extremely blessed to have been recommended to you and your office to help us.  It was a very stressful and difficult time for my brother and our family.  Your expertise, knowledge, and years of experience were the key to putting this criminal charge behind us.  You and each and every one of your staff members were incredibly kind and helpful every time we had a question.  You always eased our mind and calmed our stress during the entire process.  If I had one word to describe you and your staff, it would be professionalism! We were mostly impressed at how well you handled business in the courthouse.  Wow! the confidence and knowledge of the law really shined through! We were extremely impressed at the preparedness and ability to handle business.  There just aren't enough words to express our thanks to you and your staff.  In closing, I'd like for you to know, we would highly recommend you to our family members and friends, should a case like this arise.  Thank you again, for representing my brother and helping through such a difficult time in our lives.  We appreciate you!." Case reference 2014167.

​"Several experiences with various attorneys in my 30 year career in the legal system - and seriously - a more hands on attorney I have not encountered.  I would advise anyone in need of legal services to call The Caine Law Firm.  Honest answers - professional and profficient" Case reference 2014278.

​"I give The Caine Law Firm a 2 thumbs up for their service and professionalism.  They provided for me and my family.  I would recommend them to family and friends without a second thought." Case reference 2014306.

​"Gary, let me say thank you! For all you have done for me. I really always will be so grateful. I have always felt so confident in you being my representation. Take care, Thank you!"." Case reference 2014299.

"Gary was very trustworthy, kept his word and got me the best deal available, and worked with me financially.  Would definitely use his services again if need arises"  Case reference 2015317

"One day a incident happen between me and my wife and are family. A case of domestic violence was brought upon me because of the incident I was real afraid because things were being blown out proportion. .a friend recommended Gary Caine law offices to me and said Gary helped him when his case…I was facing 2 strikes and 2 felonys…You know with a public defender there not gonna help u. Me and my family arranged a meeting with Gary Caine. Me and my wife talked to Gary and he said he will take are case and straighten everything out. He fought for us to have are restraining orders lifted and the charges to be made correctly accountable and he got the strikes dismissed and one felony. I pleaded guilty to a felony…which will be reduced to a misdemeanor after a year of classes and counseling for me and my family and they removed the restraining order once I begin the classes I'm so happy with GARYS defense on my behalf. They made me feel so comfortable at his offices and he treated us like a friend and reassured us every court date don't worry that is why you hire me not to worry...We really appreciate him and his office and would recommend him to anyone who needs help and a good defense lawyer he is the Guy you need in your corner ..Thank you Gary Caine!"  Case reference 2015262

"Mr. Gary Caine is a very good lawyer.  He did a very good job for me, he saved me from going to the jail.  My family is really happy now.  If we need help in the future then we will definitely call you.  Thank you for everything"  Case reference 2016028

"Gary, well here you find me searching for the words to express my appreciation and gratitude for your professional helping hand towards my case down to just being a honorable friend.  You did an excellent job. You managed to gain the most respect as a man of honor.  You have a good heart and not too many people left in this world possess that anymore.  From the bottom of my heart on behalf of the family, thank you.  I will never forget what you've done for my family and I.  God bless you and your family.  Case reference 2016108.

"Mr. Caine: we wanted to let you know how much we apprecaited your professional support and advice as well as your personal kindness during this dark journey through the criminal court system as you represented our son.  From the first day when [he] and I entered your office, you gently and wisely guided us on what to expect and what next steps would be.  We were lost in a world of unknown, but your advice equiped us with what to do next.  The case turned out to be very drawn out and extremely stressful for us, and I expect for you too.  But you showed him compassion and listened to him.  You gave him hope and strength to fight and that extended to us as well.  After three and a half years of waiting and wondering, we finally went to trial.  I want you to know how much I appreciate your professional demeanor in court - despite the many times that the court ruled in less-than-professional or legal manner.  Your polite and professional action in approaching and never being contentious or argumentative with the Judge or the [prosecutor] was not lost on the jury.  I am sure that your actions and demeanor were a major reason that the jury listened, stayed engaged and were able to see the truth in this case.  I know there was often frustration for you in the rulings, but you never showed it and they were able to respect you and in turn [our son] as the trial went on.  He has been given a gift to move forward and live a good life.  For that we are truly grateful to you and your knowledge and skill. Thank you and God bless"  Case reference 2012335

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