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Gary A. Caine


Gary was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1976, and raised in England until immigrating to America with his parents in his late teens. 

After finishing high school in Turlock, California in 1994, Gary served in the US Navy from 1994 to 1997.  During this time, he received several awards and honors, including his membership in the exclusive Triple Threat company that achieved Hall of Fame status in Great Lakes, Illinois in 1994, to medals arising from his service in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Strike in 1996.

Following his honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy, Gary entered college and worked as an investigator for a number of local law firms, providing in-depth investigation for hundreds of cases ranging from petty theft to murder.  His investigations have assisted in the dismissal of hundreds of cases.  

This background in investigation ultimately led Gary to change his aspirations in psychology to law. 

In law school, Gary was the recipient of awards for academic excellence in both Criminal Procedure and Advanced Research and Writing and gained accolades in both State and National Moot Court competitions.  

​In the summer of 2011, Gary worked as a prosecutor for the Federal Government in Yosemite, winning every trial he was assigned to. 

​After passing the California Bar Examination in 2012, Gary resumed work as an Attorney and brings back investigative insight, passion for the law, and a genuine compassion for our clients. 

Partial list of what clients have said about Gary: 


​"From the beginning, Mr. Caine was eager, knowledgeable and conscientious. From our first conversation I felt that I was in the hands of someone extremely competent and committed to protecting my best interests.  Gary was determined to get my case dismissed which, much to my surprise, he was able to do. Through the proceedings he was very communicative and explained everything to me in meticulous detail, and was always very quick in returning my calls. I feel confident in saying that it was only due to his thoroughness and determination that my case was completely thrown out. The whole process was much less stressful knowing that I was being represented by such a committed lawyer. I cannot recommend Mr. Caine enough to anyone that might need legal help."  Case reference 2012267


​"The Caine Law Firm has very good and reliable lawyers.  Our experience with Gary Caine went very smoothly and the end result was very pleasing to both myself and the defendants.  I would absolutely recommend this law firm to anyone and everybody! :)"  Case reference 2013107


​"Gary Caine is a good lawyer and trustworthy.  I would recommend him to anyone seeking a lawyer who will fight and represent them professionally."  Case reference 2014002


​"I feel very satisfied because Gary is a very good attorney.  He was able to resolve my case fast and obtained great results."  Case reference 2014062


​"The Caine Law Firm saved my life.  Gary was truly a blessing to my horrible situation.  He was calm and confident which made me feel like I was in great hands.  He kept me well informed throughout my entire case and was available whenever I needed him.  One thing that I appreciated the most about Gary is that he was always honest with me.  He told me every outcome of my situation but at the same time assured me that he would do his best to get me the best outcome.  Gary is sincerely a great man and lawyer and I recommend his services 100%."  Case reference 2014094


​"I called The Caine Law Firm upon being arrested for suspicion of DUI.  While awaiting court, I was unforunately arrested a second time and needed to retain an attorney for that case as well.  I was connected with Gary on my first court and I felt reasonably comfortable my case was in good hands.  Unlike my previous experience with another DUI attorney, Gary was well spoken, which was really important to me since I trusted he could eloquently convy my feelings/testimony at trial.  Throughout my nerve wracking wait for court, Gary assured me things would be taken care of and that he would work to get me the best result possible.  I did not expect to avoid jail time but Gary was able to negotiate it as part of my deal.  This was a huge relief and I felt at the conclusion of my case that I could start to move on within days and not months or years like I would have expected had I not hired a private attorney.  I would absolutely recommend Gary to anyone facing future court dates."  Case reference 2014123


​"I feel very pleased with the personal service that Gary provided me.  He always reassured me of my case and of my well being.  I am very satisfied and thankful of the personal service he provided in representing The Caine Law Firm.  I recommend The Caine Law Firm!."  Case reference 2014133


​"Gary was very knowledgeable and fought for me.  Made me feel comfortable and kept me informed of all that was going on with my case.  All in all very positive experience." Case reference 2014166.

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