Leah Alvarez

Attorney at Law



Leah was born in Monterey County, and attended college at California State University Fresno, majoring in Criminology. Upon graduating college, Leah attended Monterey College of Law where she received her law and master’s degree. After receiving her law and master’s degree, she went to internship at the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office while waiting on results for the California State Bar.


After passing the California Bar, Leah worked at the Tulare and Tuolumne District Attorney’s Offices where she handled hundreds of cases, many of which went to trial. Her main focus and assignments were prosecuting car thefts, general felonies, and gangs. Leah spent countless hours attending trainings in homicides, gangs, trial advocacy, search warrants and many more to be effective while in court.


Leah then transitioned into defense with a different mindset to help a broken system. Many criminals are often forgotten and put into incarceration when there are alternative options for better outcomes. Instead of incarceration, Leah is invested in pursuing treatment, classes, and rehabilitation clinics for her clients.

Leah is an excellent addition to The Caine Law Firm, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. 

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