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​​Welcome to The Caine Law Firm

​​San Joaquin Valley's Premier Defense Team

​Located in downtown Fresno, California, we are a firm that represents individuals who are accused of minor to very serious crimes. Criminal defense is not just a job for us, it is an honor: our clients and their families come to us seeking advice and support, often alarmed and confused about the law and what options they may have available.  Many don’t even realize they had options to begin with. 


We represent the innocent as well as those who have made mistakes: many people forget that the purpose of the criminal justice system is not simply to punish: it is also ‘remedial’ in nature, which means to rehabilitate and restore people to normal, successful lives. 


Many of our clients are completely innocent of the charges they face, some are culpable of something but not everything they are accused of, and others may be culpable but greatly need help addressing any underlying problems they have as they seek an opportunity to get back on their feet and on with their lives.  Caring for people who place their trust in us to protect them is the heart of our business.

Some of our clients have had their Constitutional rights violated and are shocked at what they feel has been a rush to judgment on the part of law enforcement.  Many believe the events described in the police report are not a completely fair or accurate account of what actually took place.  And when it happens (which occurs more than than most people would care to admit) we aggressively conduct our own investigation to ensure the complete, realistic story is explained to the courts.

If you or a loved one needs advice, you are always welcome to call us to discuss the case, free of charge at (559) 266-4529.  You’ll find that our lines are open 24/7 and answered by us personally, rather than outsiders, call lines, or ‘case managers’ from distant cities.  We’ll discuss your case over the phone with you, then schedule a meeting for you to come in and see us.  And once we know what kind of case you have, we’ll provide you with a quote for the entire case, including any down payment options available to you.    

We look forward to hearing from you and protecting you to the fullest extent possible,  

The Caine Law Firm.


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