Joshua Powers

Attorney at Law



Joshua Powers was born and raised in California and grew up on the central coast of California.   He spent a decade in Social Services working for agencies providing help for homeless families and adults with mental illness.  

After graduating from the Monterey College of Law, he left behind this career and began a new one fighting for the rights of individuals.  He began by litigating on behalf of injured workers before the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board.   Eventually leaving the Salinas Valley, he relocated to the Central Valley and began defending the criminally accused in Fresno and surrounding counties.  

He understands the serious impact any criminal charge and conviction can have on an individual and his/her family.   He believes everyone accused of a crime deserves the best possible representation whether they are charged with a misdemeanor D.U.I. or felony domestic violence.   From arrest to trial, he fights for the best outcome in a criminal case and has won not guilty verdicts and dismissals throughout the central valley.